Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Top 10 risks and opportunities for global organizations. Published by E&Y.

  1. Regulation and compliance
  2. Cost cutting
  3. Managing talent
  4. Pricing pressure
  5. Emerging technologies
  6. Market risks
  7. Expansion of government's role
  8. Slow recovery/double-dip recession
  9. Social acceptance risk/CSR
  10. Access to credit
In this report,  the global top 10 business risks and opportunities emerging from it is explored. As in previous years, it has been taken a “bottom-up” approach to the work, gathering opinions from leading industry-based and academic commentators, across seven global sector groups.
This comprised a large-sample survey of companies and governments in 15 countries in order to rank the risks and opportunities, obtain forecasts on whether these challenges would be more or less important in 2013, and discover how leading organizations in each of the seven sectors are responding to these challenges.

The research suggests that regulation and compliance continues to be the biggest overall risk. In fact, four out of the seven sectors we surveyed ranked this as number ranking, although many respondents indicated steps taken to mitigate these risks have been reasonably effective. 

With regard to opportunities, improving execution of strategy across business functions was ranked number one overall. Looking across the sectors, the impact of this opportunity is uniformly high in all cases. Investing in processes, tools and training to achieve greater productivity was ranked second overall. However, individual sectors and countries vary widely in the relative importance they give to this opportunity

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