Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guidelines to follow while firing - avoid counterproductively

  1. It should be the last option not a option. We should be very careful and should have series of performance discussions actions, documentations and efforts to make it work
  2. Be prepared for the nitty gritty of answering right to the questions which might come across in a firing meeting.  When is the official end date? Are there severance arrangements? Are there opportunities elsewhere in the company? Is career counseling available? What happens with benefits? You may need help from HR to make sure that these answers are available.
  3. At the meeting be ready to listen but not react. Listen with respect and then direct the person towards the practical realities of moving on. Offer to talk again later when the emotions are not so raw, or ask a trained HR counselor to join you.
  4. After the firing, talk to your team about the process, the reasoning, and the implications for them (within the limits of confidentiality).
  5. Do not avoid facing your team and talking about reality as it is.
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