Monday, December 13, 2010

Allergen Labelling

The various methods of allegen labelling are as follows
- All retail products must have Allergens labelled.
- Restaurant employees must be able to control and discuss allergen presence with customers.
- Common names must be used
- The allergen may appear in bold following the ingredient containing the allergen, on the label
- The allergen and Contains statement must be of equal size and style type.

Sometimes it contains "May Contain" statements to address potential cross contamination. This type of practices should be avoided as .
- It is confusing for consumers and limits product appeal.
- It shows an inadequate allergen control program.

You should include similar allergen control program requirements in the supplier approval program for incoming ingredients as.
- Allergen labeling of incoming ingredients is a necessity for accurate product labeling.
- Allergen testing or Certificates of Analysis for newly approved ingredients is a good way to measure labeling accuracy.

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